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Education at HKU provides students with the latest, most relevant knowledge in their fields of study as well as the opportunity to apply, test and deepen that knowledge outside the classroom through a very distinctive feature of our curriculum: experiential learning. Experiential learning is a powerful form of learning because the problems you encounter in the real world are often not well-defined, unlike textbook problems. You have to define and even identify what the problem is; you need to communicate, collaborate and negotiate with others to find solutions. And you have to learn how to live with imperfect solutions.

The Faculty of Arts offers many diverse forms of experiential learning. Being naturally in an optimal position to contribute substantially to the development of liberal studies, the Faculty offers the largest number of Common Core (CC) courses in the university. CC courses are designed to be highly interactive and participatory, and offer an excellent opportunity to experience first hand how humanities, modern languages and cultures as well as literary studies engage in everyday reality at a local and global level. In addition, many Arts programmes incorporate experiential learning forms (e.g. internships, field trips) in their credit-bearing courses and also organize non-credit-bearing experiential activities.

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Experiential Learning at HKU