China - West (Strategic Research Theme)

China-West Studies

The Strategic Research Theme

In 2008, the University created a Strategic Research Theme (SRT) in China-West Studies under leadership in the Faculty of Arts, but with a brief to collaborate with scholars and projects outside the Faculty.


With this official recognition and support we intend to:

  • recruit research personnel in the field;
  • fund research postgraduate places in China-West Studies; and
  • pursue plans for collaboration and research productivity in the form of bi-annual conferences under the rubric of this theme, publications, interdisciplinary initiatives, and visits from leading scholars from China and around the world.

The first of the bi-annual international conferences sponsored by the theme was "Diasporas: Cultural Transfer" held on December 11-13, 2008.

An international symposium on "Eileen Chang: Romancing Two Cultures" was held on April 9-10, 2009.


The SRT has three research modalities:

  • language and culture studies;
  • diaspora studies; and
  • visual, literary and music arts.

Many scholars in the Arts Faculty do research in these areas, but colleagues from Education, Geography, and the Centre of Asian Studies (incorporated by the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences) are also important contributors to the SRT.


The SRT will continue to be the organizational base for development and consolidation of China-West Studies in the Faculty, and will be the focus for preparation for a bid to become a UGC Area of Excellence in 2011-12. We are well aware of the challenge we will be undertaking in making this bid, since at present the UGC funds no Areas of Excellence at all in the humanities.