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6054 Bachelor of Arts

6054 Bachelor of Arts

4-Year Curriculum

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme involves a four-year curriculum. The first year is a "year of exploration", in which students are encouraged to pursue their own special interests but also to introduce themselves to subjects that are new to them. They have a wide range of choices, but are required to take at least 18 credits of introductory Arts courses, normally including the pre-requisite(s) of the programme(s) in which they plan to major or minor.

At the end of the first year, students decide on at least one major field of specialisation in the faculty. From the second to the fourth years of study, the BA programme offers a liberal and flexible curriculum, enabling students to develop their individual study programmes within a guided and academically coherent framework. Students can elect to purse one arts major plus a variety of other courses, two separate majors, or one major and up to two minors.

Some programmes offered under the BA require students to have certain academic abilities, for example a certain level of language qualifications, before they are allowed to enroll in the programme and/or to make it their major. Students are advised to carefully study the requirements in the BA syllabuses for individual programmes.

Apart from having at least one Arts major, students can optionally choose to take major(s) and/or minor(s) offered by other faculties, with the aim of broadening their knowledge and perspectives. In addition, they may also choose to study on the four-year dual degree programme which two Bachelor's degrees from two highly respected international universities – one from Europe – Sciences Po – and one from Asia – The University of Hong Kong (HKU) will be awarded.  Students will spend the first two years in France and the third and fourth years in Hong Kong. 

Entrance Requirements

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