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Non HKU students application deadline: 31 March 2019 (Non-local students)

                                                                     31 May 2019 (Local students)

*For HKU students, please follow the summer semester add/drop period. 

Credit bearing courses with the ARTS prefix are for exchange and visiting students only, while History courses, Philosophy courses, Music courses, Fine arts courses, Linguistics courses and courses with the GCIN prefix are for all undergraduate students, including eligible HKU students. Fee exemption/reduction applies for HKU students and students under formal HKU exchange agreements. 

Please, note that no add/drop will be permitted after the commencement of the summer courses.


MUSI1023 Materials and Structures of Music (6 credits)

This course develops students' conceptual and perceptual understanding of the basic materials and structures of music, including rhythm and meter, intervals and scales, modes and keys, as well as melody, harmony, and contrapuntal practices. The course integrates ear training with the analysis of a wide array of musical examples. Students completing this course are expected to have established a clear and solid understanding of the rudiments of music, and be able to make practical demonstrations of this knowledge.

Eligibility:  Undergraduate students from HKU and overseas universities 

Period of Teaching: July 29  August 9, 2019 (two weeks); Mon to Fri, 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Programme Fee: HKD14,000

Course Description: please click here