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Application Procedures

Application Deadline for Credit-bearing Courses : 16 March 2018 

How to apply?

Online Application for credit-bearing courses, as well as further information on accommodation and visa procedures are available from the following website:

Application Procedures for HKU students

Credit bearing courses with the ARTS prefix are for exchange and visiting students only, while HIST2093, HIST2107 and HIST2159, the global creative industries courses GCIN1001, GCIN2003, GCIN2007, GCIN2009, GCIN2012, GCIN2017, GCIN2020 and GCIN2022, and the Chinese as a Foreign Language courses CHIN9511 and CHIN9522 are for all undergraduate students, including eligible HKU students. Fee exemption/reduction applies for HKU students and students under formal HKU exchange agreements.
Eligible HKU students may apply for HIST2093, HIST2107 and HIST2159, the global creative industries courses GCIN1001, GCIN2003, GCIN2007, GCIN2009, GCIN2012, GCIN2017, GCIN2020 and GCIN2022,, and the Chinese as a Foreign Language courses CHIN9511 and CHIN9522 through the online application system:
The HK$350 application fee is waived for current full-time HKU undergraduates.
Deadline for application for HKU students: April 30, 2018.
HKU students applying for the summer semester courses offered by the Faculty of Arts should be aware that individual courses will not open if there is insufficient enrolment. Confirmation of whether all summer courses will be opened or not will be given in April 2018. HKU students should take this into consideration when drawing up their second semester 2017-2018 study plan. HKU students whose application for a summer course offered by the Faculty of Arts is successful, will be invited to register for the course in SIS during the summer add/drop period.

Application Deadline for Open Courses 2018: 31 May 2018

Admission information is available on

Information on online application for open courses are available on

HKU Summer Institute online application system:

Contact: Ms Angela Chau   Tel: (852) 3917 4633    Email:

The Faculty of Arts reserves the right to change or cancel any of these courses without further notice.