Research Postgraduate - Centre for Applied English Studies

Research Postgraduate - Centre for Applied English Studies

Centre for Applied English Studies

Major Research Areas
Autonomous learning; self-access learning.


Discourse studies:
Academic and professional literacies; discourse analysis (both written and spoken); second language writing; writing across the curriculum.

English language teaching:
Assessment and evaluation; classroom interaction; curriculum development; task-based learning.

Language learning:
Computer-assisted language learning; individual differences in language learning; learner histories; learning styles and strategies; psycholinguistics; second/third language acquisition.

Code-mixing; conversation analysis; cross-cultural communication; humour; identity construction; language contact; politeness; workplace communication; institutional talk; computer-mediated communication; interlanguage and intercultural pragmatics; speech acts; teaching and learning pragmatics.

Centre Requirement
Presentation of a seminar before confirmation of candidature.

Postgraduate Admissions Advisor
Dr M.A. Yeldham

Tel: 3917 1152
Fax: 2547 3409