Research Postgraduate - European Studies

Research Postgraduate - European Studies

European Studies

Major Research Areas

European history and politics in global perspective, including European intellectual and cultural history:
European philosophy and political theory; European revolutionary traditions from 1789 to 1989; European colonialism; early modern and modern European civilisation; Atlantic world.

Comparative analyses of European politics and economy; European foreign policy; European integration and the EU in the world; Europe’s relations with Russia, Asia and China; theories of International Relations; democracy; contemporary German, Polish, Czech, Slovak and Irish politics and society; the politics of memory; nationalism in Central Europe; twentieth century political thought (e.g. Hannah Arendt, Vaclav Havel, Slavoj Zizek).

Contact Person
Dr J.R. Fichter
Tel: 3917 2032
Fax: 2548 0487