Research Postgraduate - Philosophy

Research Postgraduate - Philosophy


Major Research Areas

We are able to supervise in the following areas.
Metaphysics; philosophy of science; theories of truth (Dr J.F. Asay)
Indian philosophy; Buddhist philosophy; philosophy of mind (Dr A. Chaturvedi)
Political philosophy; history and philosophy of science (Professor G.A. Cook)
Philosophical methodology; philosophy of language; philosophy of mind (Dr M.E. Deutsch)
Chinese philosophy; comparative philosophy (Dr C.J. Fraser)
Philosophy of mind; philosophy of cognitive science (Dr J.Y.F. Lau)
Ethical theory; formal epistemology; philosophy of probability (Dr D. McCarthy)
Metaphilosophy; experimental philosophy; epistemology (Dr J.E. Nado)


Interested applicants should contact relevant potential supervisors well in advance of formal application to discuss the suitability of their proposals.‚Äč

Postgraduate Admissions Advisor
Dr D. McCarthy
Tel: 3917 2796
Fax: 2559 8452