Research Postgraduate - School of English

Research Postgraduate - School of English

School of English

Major Research Areas

English language and linguistics, and language and communication:

Sociolinguistics, specifically the politics and ideology of language, language and the law, language and gender, language and identity, bi/multilingualism, discourse analysis, cognitive sociolinguistics, the sociolinguistics of globalisation; language and culture; theories of communication; intercultural communication; psycholinguistics (specifically second language acquisition and implicit learning); syntax and semantics (synchronically and diachronically); translingual theory and practice; study of literary and linguistic globalisation; World Englishes, New Englishes, postcolonial Englishes, particularly in multilingual Asian contexts.

Literary studies in English:
Renaissance literature; romanticism; the English novel; modernism; middlebrow writing; feminist approaches to literature; American literature; literary and cultural studies; postmodernism; contemporary British fiction; Hong Kong and other Asian literatures in English; postcolonial literatures; travel writing; creative writing; drama; law and literature; world literature; cross-cultural literary representation; western ideas and images of China; study of literary and linguistic globalisation.

School Requirement
Please see or more information on the application requirements.

Postgraduate Admissions Advisor

Dr. D. Noël
Tel: 3917 1922
Fax: 2559 7139