List of Awards for RGC General Research Fund (2013/14)

List of Awards for RGC General Research Fund (2013/14)

Department PI Project Title Award (HK$)
Chinese Dr. K.W. Fung Imperial Patronage and Transfer of Islamic Astronomical- astrological knowledge in Ming China (1368-1644) 774,710
Chinese Dr. Gang Song Virtue, Miracle, and Faith: Remodeling the Virgin Mary in 17th-century China 468,000
Chinese Dr. H.L. Zhan A Study of Fengyu Fu of Ancient China, Korea and Japan 中、韓、日流傳《風雨賦》的研究 208,000
English Professor D.W.F. Kerr Orwell and Asia 426,920
English Dr. J.C. Kuehn The German Influence on Victorian Fiction: Idea, Form, Genre 287,000
English Dr. D. Noel Constructional attrition in a (contrastive) diachronic construction grammar perspective 340,000
Humanities (History) Dr. J.L. Borland Showcases of New Tokyo: Modern Architecture, Space, and Social Management in the Reconstructed Capital, 1923-1930 390,000
Humanities (History) Dr. D.M. Pomfret ‘Empire Generations’: Youth, Colonialism and Imperial Networks 356,000
Humanities (History) Professor J.C. Schencking America's Tsunami of Aid: Compassion, Opportunism and Delusion Following Japan's 1923 Earthquake Calamity 936,280
Humanities (History) Professor G. Xu Asia and the First World War 332,000
Humanities (Linguistics) Professor D.B. Archangeli An Ultrasound Investigation of the Acquisition of Speech Articulation in Cantonese, Putonghua, and English 1,141,510
Modern Languages and Cultures Dr. H.W. Wong The Cultural Policies in Taiwan in the 20th Century and their Relationships to the Formation of Modern Taiwanese Consciousness 310,500

List of Awards for Early Career Scheme (2013/14)

Department PI Project Title Project Fund (HK$) ECS Grant Award (HK$) Grant Total Awarded (HK$)
Chinese Dr. W.M. Chan Cultural Identity and Political Collaboration under Alien Rule: Reorientation of Han Chinese Scholar-officials in the Ming-Qing Dynastic Transition 159,911 50,000 209,911