List of Awards for RGC General Research Fund (2012/13)

List of Awards for RGC General Research Fund (2012/13)

Department PI Project Title Award (HK$)
Chinese Dr. S.F. Tang Selfhood and Authenticity in the Xunzi 387,684
Chinese Dr. I.M.C. Yue Foreignness, Monstrosity, and the Formation of Chinese Cultural Identity during the Song Dynasty 387,684
English Professor C.M. Hutton Transgender jurisprudence: self-classification and the law 270,204
English Dr. J.H.C. Leung Bilingualism and Legal Discourse in Hong Kong 423,907
English Dr. P.K. Richards Rita Dove and the History of the Chorus 346,566
Humanities (History) Professor J.M. Carroll Canton Days: The British in Pre-Opium War China 679,518
Humanities (History) Dr. M.O.Y. Ha Women and the Chinese Diaspora in Vietnam 469,842
Humanities (History) Dr. P.M. Roberts Contesting Imperialisms? Anglo-American Think Tanks and the Pacific, 1920-1945 797,090
Humanities (Linguistics) Dr. U. Ansaldo Complexity and simplicity in isolating languages 389,313
Humanities (Philosophy) Dr. D.P. McCarthy The Structure of Good 270,204
Humanities (Philosophy) Dr. T.E. O'Leary Philosophy and the History of Experience 415,096
Modern Languages & Cultures (American Studies) Dr. K.A. Johnson Publishing China: The First American Missionaries to China and Their Faith in the Printing Press 217,338

List of Awards for RGC Early Career Scheme (2012/13)

Department PI Project Title Project Fund (HK$) ECS Grant Award (HK$) Grant Total Awarded (HK$)
Humanities (Music) Dr. Y. Yang Music Antiquarianism and Political Legitimacy in Tokugawa Japan, 1650-1850 256,290 50,000 306,290