List of Awards for RGC General Research Fund (2014/15)

List of Awards for RGC General Research Fund (2014/15)

Department PI Project Title Award (HK$)
Chinese Dr. T.K. Lee The Chinese Cybertext 416,000
Chinese Dr. Y.F. Yeung The Literary and Cultural Significance of Cantonese Branch of Nanshe in Modern Context
Humanities (Comparative Literature) Dr. M.M. Szeto Hong Kong SAR New Wave Cinema: Between Mainlandization and Localization in the Neoliberal Context 393,988
(Fine Arts)
Dr. Y.W. Koon The Self-knowing Copy: Replications, Revisions and Citations in Chinese Painting 430,947
Humanities (Linguistics) Dr. P.S. Ding Child Acquisition of Lexical Tones in Prinmi: a project for basic research 172,313
Humanities (Philosophy) Dr. G.A. Cook The herbarium as scientific object: 1545-present 508,996
Humanities (Philosophy) Dr. D.P. Robins The Mohists and the Beginnings of Chinese Philosophy 160,000
Modern Languages and Cultures Dr. I. Nakayama Be Polite, Be Healthy, Be Feminine: Gender, Body Culture, Etiquette, and Health in modern Japan 328,620

List of Awards for Early Career Scheme (2014/15)

Department PI Project Title Project Fund (HK$) ECS Grant Award (HK$) Grant Total Awarded (HK$)
English Dr. F.L. Blumberg Working Words: Poetry, Rhetoric, and Heresy in Early Modernity 148,754 50,000 198,754

Humanities (Philosophy)

Dr. J.E. Wolff The nature of physical quantities 180,000 50,000 230,000
Modern Languages and Cultures Dr. S.Y. Kim Production of Popular Fiction: Romance and Family Themes in Modern and Contemporary Korea 280,000 50,000 330,000