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7 May 2019 (Tuesday)

The Standard - Education


From The Standard

Beginners who wish to get a glimpse into the art industry but so far have no idea how to get started, the Contemporary Asian Art: An Insider's View program, is opening the door.

Organized by Christie's Education and the Faculty of Arts at the University of Hong Kong, the five-day program was first introduced three years ago. It aims to equip participants with a mix of real-world commercial knowledge in the art industry and the academic ones, ranging from informed approaches on how to look at art, to examining the mechanisms of the market.

While Christie's Education focuses more on providing an insight on how the art market runs, the HKU faculty conceives and delivers art history teaching tools for analysis of art works across different periods to participants.

Said faculty dean Derek Collins: "Hong Kong is now one of the top four art auction markets in the world, along with London, New York, and mainland China. With the vast increase in size of the local and the mainland Chinese art world, art history training is now in hot demand. In our conversations with gallerists, museum directors and auction houses, we learned their main need was for employees who had in-depth knowledge of art."

He added: "This is the main area in Hong Kong (and the mainland) where investment is needed because the expansion of art institutions in Hong Kong and the region has outstripped the supply of employees with art history training."

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