Language Matters: Dr Lisa Lim Makes the Case for Renaming a Hong Kong Street

7 March 2017 (Tuesday)

3 March 2017 (Friday) – online

Dr Lisa Lim, Associate Professor in the School of English, makes the case for renaming Upper Lascar Row, in her fortnightly Post Magazine column: Language Matters.

“Historical circumstances aside, mindful consideration of nomenclature is important in terms of respect and inclusivity. Consider the Lands Department’s 2010 ruling against the request by South Asians for a street name change on the grounds of mō lō ’s derogatory meaning, as well as TVB’s use of mo lo cha to refer to an Indian character in a 2015 series.

The cost of, say, renaming streets – places such as South Africa, Namibia and Berlin have changed colonial place names deemed politically incorrect or offensive – is incomparable with the price of a community’s dignity.”

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Source: SCMP    Picture: Ren Publishing