Faculty of Arts in the Media: How Hong Kong’s top university is closing the gender gap at top levels: all-out support is key

30 October 2018 (Tuesday)

SCMP - Letter


Photo credit: SCMP

In a letter to SCMP, Professor Puja Kapai, HKU Associate Professor of Law and convener of Women's Studies Research Centre; and Professor Gina Marchetti of HKU Faculty of Arts and Committee on Gender Equality and Diversity, wrote in response to an SCMP report in September suggesting that four in five senior academics at Hong Kong's publicly funded universities are men.

They spoke of measures they have put in place to enhance equality and diversity at HKU.  These included the inception of the Women's Studies Research Centre in 1994; a Working Group on Race, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation and Family Status set up by HKU Equal Opportunity Unit to examine HKU's equality policies in December 2014; and a Gender Task Force created by Dean Derek Collins in the Faculty of Arts, followed by the establishment of the Committee on Gender Equality and Diversity, and HKU’s first ever Gender Studies programme. 

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