A Tribute to Yasi: Watching Over Hong Kong - City, Art, Poems

1 March 2017 (Wednesday)

A Tribute to Yasi: Watching Over Hong Kong - City, Art, Poems

To commemorate the fourth anniversary of the passing of one of Hong Kong's foremost literary figures, Leung Ping-kwan, better known under his pen name Yasi, the University will be hosting a multimedia lunchtime event and evening seminar on Thursday, March 2, in Haking Wong Podium and the Main Building.

A Tribute to Yasi: Watching Over Hong Kong - City, Art, Poems, is co-organised by the NGO Read-Cycling, the General Education Unit, the Faculty of Arts, the Department of Comparative Literature, and the Hong Kong Studies Programme of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. This year's commemoration will feature a series of activities inspired by Yasi's writings under the theme of "Watching Over Hong Kong", the title of the epistolary book he co-wrote with Japanese author Inuhiko Yomota and which was published after Yasi's death.

HKU Students will be performing alongside renowned musicians and artists Keith Lam, Tina So, Priscilla Leung, Fragrant Village, and the Interzone Collective & Ky Chan. Other activities, supported by Hong Kong Open Printshop, DINA, and Kin's Kitchen, include letterpress printing and the serving of Hong Kong traditional snacks. Echoes - a student driven creative group - has collected a wide range of translated poems by Yasi in various languages, which will be exhibited at Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant and the GE Office.

Members of the media are cordially invited to the event. Details are as follows:

Date: March 2, 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Lunchtime Concert: 12:45 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Venue: Haking Wong Podium, HKU

The evening seminar will feature Mr. Chan Ping Chiu, Artistic Director of the On & On Theatre Workshop, fashion designer Ms. Amy Wong, Professor Mary Wong, Associate Professor in the Chinese Department and Associate Director of the Centre for Humanities Research at Lingnan University, and Professor Stephen Chu, Director of the Hong Kong Studies Programme at the University of Hong Kong. The seminar will be moderated by Dr. Fiona Law of the HKU Department of Comparative Literature and will feature a special guest appearance by Dr. Eman Leung.

Date: March 2, 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Venue: MG07, Main Building, HKU

For media enquiries, please contact Dr. Wong Chi Chung, Assistant Director, General Education Unit (tel: 3917 5041 email: ccchoice@hku.hk), Ms. Eva Yung, Events Assistant, Faculty of Arts (tel: 3917 4633 email: evaffy@hku.hk or Ms. Cynthia Lau, Founder of Read-Cycling (tel: 2581 3921 email: cynthialau@read-cycling.org).

About Read-Cycling
Read-Cycling is a Government-registered non-profit organisation aimed at promoting resource sharing and the joy of reading. Established in 2009, it has helped find new homes for over 20,000 quality used books and organised many community projects, including readers' carnivals, author sharing sessions, and school outreach programmes. www.read-cycling.org

For the online press invitation, please visit:

向也斯致意:守望香港 - 城市 | 藝術 | 詩

為紀念香港文壇著名學者梁秉鈞先生(筆名也斯)離世四周年,香港大學將於3月2 日(星期四)在香港大學黃克競樓平台舉行向也斯致意的午間音樂會、藝術裝置與展覽,以及互動節目,並於當晚舉辦座談會《從也斯的多面向出發 -- 守望香港 》。

「向也斯致意:守望香港 - 城市 | 藝術 | 詩」由書送快樂、香港大學通識教育部、香港大學文學院、香港大學比較文學系、香港大學現代語言及文化學院香港研究課程聯合主辦。本活動主題取自也斯與日本作家四方田犬彥合著書籍《守望香港:香港──東京往復書簡》,將有一系列特備節目,包括音樂、讀詩、導賞團、食物淺嚐和印詩創作等,回應對也斯的思念和他啟發出的各種想像。

當日港大學生會與聲音表演者梁小衞、《香村》成員The Interzone Collective 及 Ky Chan分享音樂,在場更會展出自由繪畫人蘇淑敏的畫作《我們時代的六個隱喻》、新媒體藝術家林欣傑的裝置藝術《吉澳的雲》,以及「對照」與學生翻譯的也斯作品。其他互動環節,如活版印刷、橡皮圖章、自製線裝詩集和品嚐香港地道小吃等,則由「香港版畫工作室」、「癲娜」和「留家廚房」等本土文化團體及餐館支持。

時間:12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
午間音樂會:12:45 pm - 2:00 pm

《從也斯的多面向出發 -- 守望香港 》座談會以電影及文學、戲劇、文化研究及設計等切入點,分享也斯作品如何為創作人及文化人帶來啟發,及其對建構香港城市意象的想像。座談會由香港大學比較文學系講師羅玉華博士主持、梁以文博士作特別嘉賓,講者包括前進進戲劇工作坊藝術總監陳炳釗先生、香港大學現代語言及文化學院教授及香港研究課程總監朱耀偉教授、時裝設計師黃惠霞女士、香港嶺南大學中文系副教授及人文學科研究中心協理主任黃淑嫻教授。

時間:6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

香港大學通識教育部助理總監黃志淙博士 (電話: 3917 5041/電郵: ccchoice@hku.hk) 或港大文學院活動助理翁曼芬小姐 (電話: 3917 4633/電郵: evaffy@hku.hk) 或
書送快樂創辦人劉庭善女士 (電話: 2581 3921/電郵: cynthialau@read-cycling.org)。

「書送快樂」是根據香港法例第88條獲豁免繳稅的註冊慈善團體,相信看書不但是知識和智慧之源,還能帶來無限快樂,並積極推動惜書文化, 鼓勵大家把不能留在身邊的好書送出,惠及更多愛書人, 希望令香港成為一個享受看書的綠色城市 。