Giving to Arts

Giving to Arts


To Arts We Belong. To Arts We Support.

Founded in 1912, The Faculty of Arts is one of HKU’s oldest and largest faculties and is consistently recognised as one of the best in Asia for the Arts and Humanities.  Arguably the heart and soul of HKU, it has produced some of Hong Kong’s notable graduates, from political leaders to business pioneers, to celebrated writers and film directors, to favourite historians, linguists and teachers who have educated generations of Hong Kong youths.  The Faculty has continuously provoked and promoted critical reflection on cultures and humanities from the crossroad of the East and the West.

Every Gift Matters. Every Gift Counts.

Throughout the century, the establishment and development of the Faculty of Arts have been greatly supported by our philanthropic donors.  To preserve the remarkable legacy of the Faculty, your gifts enable us to continue our mission to make a difference in the futures of our students, to drive excellence in research and teaching in the Arts and Humanities, to ensure our efforts find meaningful expression in the community, and to nurture our next generation of leaders who are committed to making significant contributions to the development of Hong Kong, the region, and the world at large.



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