Contemporary Asian Art: An Insider’s View

This programme provides a broad spectrum of views into the world of contemporary Asian art. It provides art historical training that includes learning how to look and write about contemporary Asian art. With this as foundation, we examine the market as a platform for contemporary art and the power of mega-art events and institutions to shift cultural landscapes. The final day will share meaningful ways to engage with contemporary Asian art, whether through careers or through collecting. The aim of this seminar series is to equip participants with the tools to navigate the art world. Class format includes seminars, site visits, and discussions with industry experts. No prior experience in the arts is necessary, although we encourage active participation through group exercises, discussions, and networking lunches. 

Jointly taught and organized by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Hong Kong and Christie’s Education, this five-day programme leverages the expertise of the two institutions. The art historical portion of the programme is conceived and delivered by the world-class faculty at the Fine Arts Department of the University of Hong Kong, while the market-related portion is developed by Christie’s Education. 

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