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Assessment, Examination & Honours Classification

Assessment, Examination & Honours Classification

University Assessment Policy

“University Assessment Policy” paper approved by the Senate on March 3, 2015, document 335/215. (Updated: July 3, 2015)

Faculty Policy and Protocol on Handling Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. The Faculty of Arts upholds the principle that plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and any student found plagiarizing is liable to disciplinary action in addition to failing the assessment concerned. Please read the following webpage on "plagiarism" for details.

Grading System

Candidates shall be assessed for each of the courses for which they have registered, and assessment may be conducted in any combination of coursework and/or written examinations. Only satisfactorily completed courses will earn credits.

(a) For courses with letter grades:



Grade Point



A   4.0
A-  3.7


B   3.0
B-  2.7


C   2.0
C-  1.7


D   1.0
F   Fail 0

(b) For courses graded as "Pass, "Fail" or "Distinction", they will not be included in the calculation of the GPA.

For details, please refer to the REGULATIONS FOR FIRST DEGREE CURRICULA (Regulation UG8) applicable to candidates admitted under the 4-year "2012 curriculum" in 2012-13 and thereafter.

Grade Expectations

Click here to view the general expectations of student performance in the Faculty of Arts.


Candidates shall not be permitted to repeat a course for which they have received a D grade or above for upgrading purposes.

Procedures for Checking of Assessment Results of Taught Courses

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Matters Related to Examinations

Please refer to the website of the Examinations Office for details.

Absence from Written Examination

"Absence from examination

  1. If for any reason you have been unable to attend for any paper in an examination you must, within 14 days of the absence, write to the Examinations Secretary at the Registry giving reasons for your absence.
  2. If you are unable because of illness to be present for any paper in the examination or if you believe that your state of health either immediately before or during the examination has significantly affected your performance, you should complete Part I of the Form of Medical Certificate and then give or send this form to your doctor with a request that Part II of the form be completed by the doctor within 2 days of the date of the examination concerned. The completed form should be sent by the doctor direct to the Director, University Health Service and must reach him/her not later than 14 days after the examination."

(Extracted from the website of the Examinations Office.)


Failed courses are recorded on the transcript with an F grade. If you choose to repeat the failed course, the new grade obtained will be recorded in the semester in which you have retaken the course. Failed credits do not count toward the fulfillment of the credit requirement of the BA degree. Failed grades are included in the calculation of the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA), Year GPA (YGPA) and Cumulative GPA (CGPA) and will be taken into account when determining your honours classification.

Progression/ Discontinuation of Studies

BA Regulation A13 stipulates that:

Candidates shall be recommended for discontinualtion of their studies if they have:

  1. failed to complete successfully 36 or more credits in two consecutive semesters (not including the summer semester), except where they are not required to take such a number of credits in the two given semesters, or;
  2. failed to achieve an average Semester GPA of 1.0 or higher for two consecutive semesters (not including the summer semester), or;
  3. exceeded the maximum period of registration as specified in A3.

Honours Classification

The classification of honours shall be determined by the Board of Examiners for the BA degree in accordance with the following Cumulative GPA (CGPA) scores, with all courses taken (including failed courses) carrying equal weighting:

Class of honours CGPA range
First Class Honours 3.60 – 4.30
Second Class Honours (2.40 – 3.59)
            Division One
3.00 – 3.59
            Division Two
2.40 – 2.99
Third Class Honours 1.70 – 2.39
Pass 1.00 – 1.69

Honours classification may not be determined solely on the basis of a candidate’s CGPA and the Board of the Examiners for the BA degree may, at its absolute discretion and with justification, award a higher class of honours to a candidate deemed to have demonstrated meritorious academic achievement but whose CGPA falls below the range stipulated in the above table of the higher classification by not more than 0.1 Grade Point.

For details, please refer to the REGULATIONS FOR FIRST DEGREE CURRICULA (Regulation UG9) applicable to candidates admitted under the 4-year "2012 curriculum" in 2012-13 and thereafter.