Current Students

Career Activities & Internships


To have a smoother career start after graduation, internships are essential nowadays. It allows students to not only gain practical experience at workplace, but also get to understand their own career interest. Student interns will have the opportunity to work in specific professional context over a prolonged period of time. Ample internship opportunities are offered by various Arts programmes as well as the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), of which some of them are credit-bearing: 

School of English Internships

English Studies

Course code: ENGL3040 

Course name: Internship in English Studies


Language and Communication

Course code: LCOM3005

Course name: Internship in Language and Communication


School of Humanities Internships

Comparative Literature

Course code: CLIT3019 

Course name: Internship in Comparative Literature and

Cultural Studies


Fine Arts

Course code: FINE4005 

Course name: Fine Arts internship



Course code: HIST4035

Course name: History Applied: Internship in Historical Studies


School of Modern Languages & Cultures Internships

American Studies

Course code: AMER3008 

Course name: American Studies Internship

China Studies (Arts Stream)

Course code: SINO3003 

Course name: Internship in China Studies

European Studies

Course code: EUST3005 

Course name: European Studies internship


Course code: FREN3034 

Course name: Internship for students of French


Course code: GRMN3031 

Course name: Internship for students of German

Global Creative Industries

Course code: GCIN2005 

Course name: Internship in global creative industries


Course code: ITAL3023 

Course name: Internship for students of Italian

Japanese Studies

Course code: JAPN2094

Course name: Japanese Studies Internship 

Korean Studies

Course code: KORE3034

Course name: Korean Studies internship


Course code: SPAN4005

Course name: Internship for students of Spanish


Course code: SWED3005 

Course name: Internship for students of Swedish

CEDARS Global Career Springboard Scheme 

International Internships

Location: Japan, ASEAN countries, Australia, Europe, US, Mainland China, Taiwan, etc.

Length: 3 - 8 weeks

Period: Summer or Winter break


Career Exploration Programmes

Location: New York, Japan and Singapore

Length: 1 - 2 weeks

Period: Summer or Winter Break

The above information is for reference only. For most updated details, please check with the relevant units directly.