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#Be The Change - Project 3: Ethnic Minorities

#我改變- 計劃 3: 少數族裔

For the last project in our #Be the Change series, we are thrilled to partner with Translate For Her (TheM), an organisation that provides online translation services to help make information accessible to ethnic minority women.

#Be the Change is a series of spoken word and dance public service announcement (PSA) films that address social issues impacting young people in Hong Kong. Each video features spoken word text and choreography created and performed by the young people of this city.

We are now seeking young writers with an interest in spoken word (experience not necessary) who are passionate about making a difference and keen to take part in our third film. Working with creative writing organisation and publisher Elephant Community Press, you will conduct field research to collaboratively create spoken word pieces that will be recorded in a professional recording studio. These recordings will form the soundtrack to choreography devised by a group of young dancers, and be used to create original, social issue-based PSA dance films.

提供即時線上翻譯服務「Translate For Her」(TheM)計劃的出現,讓一班生活在香港的少數族裔婦女可以得到社區資訊,融入香港的生活,創造種族共融的社區環境。


我們現正招募有意為社會帶來正面改變的青年作家及口述創作藝術家,經驗不拘。參加者將在社區參與實地考察,與創意寫作機構及出版社Elephant Community Press攜手創作口述文本,並在專業錄音室錄音,成為舞蹈配樂,最後製作成以社會議題爲藍本、原創的公益宣傳舞蹈錄像。

Registration: https://www.hkyaf.com/applications/185


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