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In Support of Reproductive Justice

We strongly condemn the current attacks on reproductive choice and add our voice to the chorus of opposition. Autonomy over our bodies, including our reproductive choices, is fundamental.

National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA)

June 6, 2019

(Full Article: https://portside.org/2019-06-06/support-reproductive-justice)

EOC works with local universities on policy against sexual harassment in campus

In a written response to a question from a Legislative Council lawmaker, Secretary for Education Mr Kevin Yeung said all universities have open policies on the prevention of sexual harassment and mechanisms for handling related complaints. Following the release of an EOC territory-wide study on sexual harassment of university students in Hong Kong in January 2019, the EOC respectively met with the Chairman of the UGC, the Convenor of the Heads of Universities Committee (HUCOM) and Presidents and/or Vice-Presidents of individual universities to discuss possible measures for addressing sexual harassment in universities. The HUCOM is proactively exploring follow-up actions to be taken, including proposals on commissioning the EOC to conduct a follow-up survey in three to five years' time and produce training materials for universities, as well as creating the post of equal opportunities officer in university. (Sing Tao) 

(Press Release: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201905/29/P2019052900388.htm?fontSize=1)

Made in China 4.1: Smashing the Bell Jar

Dear Colleagues,

I am glad to announce the publication of the latest issue of the Made in China Journal. You can download the pdf for free and subscribe at this link: http://www.chinoiresie.info/made-in-china-quarterly/

Below you can find the editorial:

Smashing the Bell Jar: Shades of Gender in China

Detail: http://u.osu.edu/mclc/2019/04/24/made-in-china-4-1-smashing-the-bell-jar/

Holistic sex education pivotal to fight against sexual harassment at local universities, writes EOC Chairperson

Following the EOC’s recent release of a territory-wide study on sexual harassment of university students in Hong Kong, Prof Alfred CHAN Cheung-ming, Chairperson of the EOC, published an article in Hong Kong Economic Journal, Stand News and South China Morning Post, spelling out the prevalence of the problem as well as its root causes.

Almost one in four students (23 per cent) were reportedly harassed on-campus, off-campus and/or online within the 12 months prior to the study, but Prof Chan pointed out that the issue ran deeper: “Schools in Hong Kong either treat sex as a taboo subject or limit classroom discussions to its biological aspects. As we made clear in a recent submission to the Education Bureau, such an approach is out of touch with reality. As adults, we all know that sex is much more than reproduction and birth control methods; it raises questions of what pleasure and intimacy mean, why we should respect others’ bodies and feelings... Clearly, we need a more robust curriculum at primary and secondary schools geared towards instilling the values of gender equality.”

The study indeed revealed warped conceptions of sex, gender biases and a lack of empathy towards minority groups among university students. Examples include perpetrators misinterpreting consent (believing, for example, that “no means yes”), bystanders remaining silent or even blaming the victim, women being objectified, men assumed to be immune from harassment and LGBTI students and those with disabilities subject to higher rates of sexual harassment.

The EOC is lining up meetings with top officials of the nine universities to discuss implementation of the 17 recommendations in the study’s report, from requiring each department and residential hall to assign a “gender focal point” to advise colleagues on complaint handling to arranging compulsory training for all freshmen and leveraging more modern forms of educational content, such as bite-sized videos on social media. Prof Chan stressed, “The last thing I want to see is society using our study as fodder to stigmatise university students. The problem is systemic, and our responsibility collective.”

Read Prof Chan’s article 

Read the executive summary of the study 

Read the report in full 

Access EOC's anti-sexual harassment resources

New Book Release: Emergent Identities: New Sexualities, Genders and Relationships in a Digital Era (paperback)

Emergent Identities addresses the rise of new gender and sexual identity categories, such as non-binary gender and polygenderflux, asexual, sapiosexual and heteroflexible sexualities, and the now (literally!) hundreds of new gender and sexual identity categories.

Submission for “Generation i” multimedia competition closes on 26 January

Submission for the multimedia competition under EOC’s new youth engagement initiative “Generation i” will close on 26 January 2019. Co-organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey Club Media 21, the programme welcomes all secondary school students in Hong Kong to create an A3-size comic strip or a short video of 2 minutes or below on what equality means to them. Cash prizes as high as HK$8,000 will be awarded to impactful works that communicate why diversity and inclusion matter.
Enquiries about the competition can be directed to the EOC at 2511 8211 or generationi@eoc.org.hk.

Interdisciplinary Quick Talks: Open Data Open Possibilities

Date: Friday, February 15, 2019
Time: 5 – 6:45pm
Venue: Rayson Huang Theatre, HKU
Open data is machine readable, downloadable and reusable data that can be freely used, modified, and shared by anyone for any purpose.  It enables any businesses and individuals to conduct fact-based analysis on existing/potential societal problems or markets and find innovative solutions to bring about social, environmental and economic benefits.  Open government data, one of the most important forms of open data, is increasingly recognised by governments worldwide as a key enabler that fuels start-ups and informs decision making for policy change.  The Policy Address 2018 confirmed the HKSAR Government's policy on opening up government data to promote smart city development.  The Law Reform Commission is undertaking public consultation on whether and in what form Hong Kong needs government records (archives) legislation and is reviewing access to information.
Come and join this inaugural HKU Interdisciplinary Quick Talks – our researchers will share with you their views and project outcomes using open data, and discuss new ideas for interdisciplinary research and KE that could be made possible by open data and the relationship between open data and the two possible new laws.
For enquiries, please contact KEO at keoffice@hku.hk

More Women in Boardrooms Means Greener, Better Business


Extension of Maternity and Paternity Leave

As a family-friendly measure and to create a more supportive work culture, the Council has approved at its meeting on November 26, 2018 that the provision of maternity and paternity leave be extended to 14 weeks and 7 days respectively.  Eligible employees whose child’s expected or actual date of birth is on or after November 26, 2018 will be entitled to 14 weeks of maternity leave or 7 days of paternity leave as applicable.

Further details can be found in the relevant sections of the Staff Handbook:
Maternity Leave – https://uis.hku.hk/uis/shbpro/pdf/matleave.pdf
Paternity Leave – https://uis.hku.hk/uis/shbpro/pdf/patleave.pdf

Issue #2 - MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture

Anna Misiak and Anna Backman Rogers are delighted to announce that MAI: FEMINISM AND VISUAL CULTURE Issue 2 is now available online. The focus of this issue is mostly dedicated to queer sexuality, but it also contains a great deal of material on the current climate.


Children Policy under SCR by-laws # 3 Changed

After SCR Annual General Meeting held on 21st November 2018,  the Children Policy under SCR by-laws # 3 was changed as follows:

3. Children are allowed into the SCR (14th and 15th floors, K K Leung Bldg.) from Monday to Saturday and The Bridge, 4th floor The Jockey Club Tower from Monday to Friday.  No person under the age of 18 years is permitted to sit at the Bar (15/Floor, K K Leung Bldg.) at any time and under no circumstances shall children consume alcoholic beverages.  Children admitted to the SCR must be accompanied by an adult who is a member of the SCR.  Members to be responsible for the good behavior and the conduct of children.  Members must supervise children at all time and under no circumstances shall children be left alone without supervision on the SCR premises.

“One Part in Concert, and One Part Repellence”: Liu Waitong, Cao Shuying, and the Question of Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese Sinophones

Dr Lucas Klein recently published an article in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, vol 30, no. 2. --

This paper reads the recent poetry of Hong Kong-based poet Cao Shuying 曹疏影 (b. 1979), a woman raised in Harbin who writes in Mandarin, and her husband, Liu Waitong (Liao Weitang) 廖偉棠 (b. 1975), who grew up in Zhuhai and has gained prominence in Hong Kong as a cultural commentator and public intellectual, to examine the categories of Sinophone literature and Chinese literature.

Screen Bodies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Experience, Perception, and Display

Screen Bodies is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on the intersection of Screen Studies and Body Studies across disciplines, institutions, and media. It is a forum promoting research on various aspects of embodiment on and in front of screens through articles, reviews, and interviews. The journal considers moving and still images, whether from the entertainment industry, information technologies, or news and media outlets, including cinema, television, the internet, and gallery spaces. It investigates the private experiences of portable and personal devices and the institutional ones of medical and surveillance imaging. Screen Bodies addresses the portrayal, function, and reception of bodies on and in front of screens from the perspectives of gender and sexuality, feminism and masculinity, trans* studies, queer theory, critical race theory, cyborg studies, and dis/ability studies.

More info is at http://journals.berghahnbooks.com/_uploads/screen/screen-bodies_upcoming_issues.pdf

Women and the Periodical Press in China

EDITORS: Michel Hockx, Joan Judge, and Barbara Mittler
Cambridge University Press, 2018

In this major new collection, an international team of scholars examine the relationship between the Chinese women's periodical press and global modernity in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The essays in this richly illustrated volume probe the ramifications for women of two monumental developments in this period: the intensification of China's encounters with foreign powers and a media transformation comparable in its impact to the current internet age. The book offers a distinctive methodology for studying the periodical press, which is supported by the development of a bilingual database of early Chinese periodicals. Throughout the study, essays on China are punctuated by transdisciplinary reflections from scholars working on periodicals outside of the Chinese context, encouraging readers to rethink common stereotypes about lived womanhood in modern China, and to reconsider the nature of Chinese modernity in a global context.

The University of Chicago Press' Free e-book for November - One Hour in Paris: A True Story of Rape and Recovery

Karyn L. Freedman returns to a Paris night in 1990 when she was twenty-two and, in one violent hour, her life was changed forever by a brutal rape. What follows is a harrowing yet optimistic journey.


Oct 9-Nov 20, 2018: Panel discussions on 'Blackness'

Jessie Yang (Sociology, HKU), Bidhya Shrestha (Comparative Literature and Gender Studies, HKU) and Innocent Mutanga (Anthropology, CUHK) have organized a series of panel discussions on 'Blackness'. You can register for any of the panels at this link https://goo.gl/aQuJnV

1. What Does It Mean To Be Black (Oct 9)
2. Black Women: Gender, Hair & Beauty (Oct 23)
3. Tribes, Clans and Wars in Africa (Oct 30)
4. Rwanda: A Role Model for Gender (Nov 6)
5. Africa-China Relations (Nov 13)
6. Volunteering in Africa (Nov 20)

HKU professor says HKU is closing the gender gap and will continue to do so with support from all staff

In a letter to SCMP, Professor Puja Kapai, HKU Associate Professor of Law and convener of Women's Studies Research Centre; and Professor Gina Marchetti of HKU Faculty of Arts and Committee on Gender Equality and Diversity, wrote in response to an SCMP report in September suggesting that four in five senior academics at Hong Kong's publicly funded universities are men.

They spoke of measures they have put in place to enhance equality and diversity at HKU.  These included the inception of the Women's Studies Research Centre in 1994; a Working Group on Race, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation and Family Status set up by HKU Equal Opportunity Unit to examine HKU's equality policies in December 2014; and a Gender Task Force created by Dean Derek Collins in the Faculty of Arts, followed by the establishment of the Committee on Gender Equality and Diversity, and HKU’s first ever Gender Studies programme. The letter also said HKU is signing onto the UN Women's HeForShe Initiative which shows that institutional change requires a clear vision, commitment and vigilance from the leadership to phase out gender disparities, which have no place in "Asia's Global University". To be effective, however, commitment and support from staff at all levels is required. (SCMP)

Global Effects of High-Skilled Immigration

The free flow of labor across national borders has been one of the defining facets of globalization. In recent years, concerns over the effects of increased migration on domestic workforces have led political leaders to consider tightening borders, dramatically altering patterns of human movement. In Asia, this could reverse the brain drain.

Read more at https://www.asiaglobalonline.hku.hk/h1b-china-india-us-high-skilled-immigration/

Open Letter on Feminist Pedagogy

Dear colleagues,

Together with a number of international scholars working in the field of feminism and gender studies, I am composing an open letter for publication in the second issue of MAI: FEMINISM AND VISUAL CULTURE calling for institutions to support, promote and guard the promotion of feminist scholarship and pedagogy. In addition, we ask for the wellbeing and safety of those doing feminist work and activism to be prioritised at this increasingly fractious moment.
If you would like to add to/amend/sign this letter, please do so at the following link:


all best wishes,

Dr Anna Backman Rogers | Founding Editor/Editor-in-Chief
MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture

Hong Kong Association of University Women Undergraduate Scholarships & Hong Kong Association of University Women Postgraduate Scholarships

Don’t miss the opportunities! For full-time female students pursuing a degree programme in Hong Kong
Application deadline:  October 5, 2018
How to apply: Apply via HKU Scholarships Office
Enquiries: awards@hku.hk

Mexican Writer - Guadaupe Nettel - in HK International Literary Festival

Guadalupe Nettel is a well-established and respected author of several novels and books of stories. She’ll be in three sessions: a conversation with Xu Xi, a panel on MeToo and literature, and a dialogue on literature and the natural world with British writer Laline Paull.  You’ll find the information here: https://www.festival.org.hk/writers/guadalupe-nettel/. A recent story by her that was published in English by Granta magazine is here: https://granta.com/the-wanderers/.

SIGNS - Journal of Women in Culture and Society

Suzanna Danuta Walters, Editor-in-Chief at SIGNS, wants to share with all colleagues the work that Signs is doing to make feminist scholarship as widely accessible and as relevant to the current moment as possible.

The deadline for submissions for the "Public Feminisms" special issues has been extended to Sep 23, 2018. The Feminist Public Intellectuals Project continues to make feminist analyses of pressing issues available for free, online and without a subscription. And more.

For details, please go to: http://signsjournal.org/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=%0ASigns%3A%20Journal%20of%20Women%20in%20Culture%20and%20Society&utm_campaign=Emma%20-%20SIG%20fall%202018%20newsletter

Education for All: Moving towards a Gender Fair World - The International Baccalaureate World Student Conference (IBWSC) 2018 HK

The International Baccalaureate (IB) World Student Conference (WSC) on “Education for All: Moving towards a Gender Fair World” was successfully held in 31 July – 6 August 2018 at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). The Faculty of Arts rendered support to the forum. Leading scholars and teachers in the Faculty of Arts came to share their views and experience with IB students from around the world.

Prof. Gina Marchetti (Department of Comparative Literature), Dr. Elizabeth LaCouture (Gender Studies Programme) moderated a discussion session on the film, He Named Me Malala. This screening session focused on the story of Malala Yousafzai and her advocacy for the rights of children all over the world.  The film details her personal struggle for education, the violence she faced, and her role as an international champion for girls’ education. The screening of this moving depiction of the relationship between an activist father and his daughter illustrated, too, how both sexes can contribute to promoting gender equality.

Dr. Aditi Jhaveri (Centre for Applied English Studies) introduced the new HKU app: P-SHOC (Prevention of Sexual Harassment Course).   It was the first and only mobile app aiming at educating students about how to identify and respond to sexual harassment on campus. This session took a hands-on approach for students to know about this unique app.

Dr. Page Richards (School of English) provided skill sessions on the topic of “Creative Writing and Neruda’s Sheep: Your Powers of Design” to introduce the strengths, history and rigor of craft and creative writing.

Members of the Faculty of Arts were honored to participate in this event highlighting the importance of access to education for all, and we were delighted to be able to contribute to this important initiative to promote gender equality among secondary school students worldwide.

HKU Graduate Received TWF and Cambridge Trust Scholarship

"I am very honoured to receive the Women’s Foundation and the Cambridge Trust Scholarship to pursue an MPhil in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies at the University of Cambridge. I graduated in History and American Studies from HKU in 2016 and have recently completed an MA in Literary and Cultural Studies. My awareness to gender equality was raised during my time at HKU. I met wonderful teachers and scholars here who inspired me to think critically and empathetically towards social injustices. In 2016, we co-organised an international student conference with the Harvard College in Asia Programme on “Equality, Tolerance and Freedom: the effect of culture and policy on a globalised world”, in which we discussed extensively on gender equality and women’s empowerment. I was also fortunate enough to be elected as a postgraduate student representative of CGED in 2017. My accomplishment is greatly indebted to my education at HKU, and the steadfast and loving support from my teachers here. " - Kylie Lui

New Resources Available at EDIT Media

EDIT Media has continued to develop new resources and relationships to make teaching inclusively as easy and seamless as possible. Dozens of new clips and short films by diverse makers and from wide-ranging genres are now live. For any example or technique you might need to illustrate in class, you'll likely find a clip. EDIT Media also launched its new blog, ZOOM IN, and more.

For more details, go to https://mailchi.mp/336d90cc16e1/new-resources-for-the-new-year

The Cosmopolitan Dream:Transnational Chinese Masculinities in a Global Age (世界性之夢:全球化時代的跨國中國男子氣概)

Edited by Derek Hird and Geng Song
HKU Press. September 2018
The Cosmopolitan Dream presents the broad patterns in the transformations of mainland Chinese masculinity over recent years, covering both representations (in film, fiction, and on television) and the lived experiences of Chinese men on four continents. Exposure to transnational influences has made Chinese notions of masculinity more cosmopolitan than ever before, yet the configurations of these hybrid masculinities retain the imprint of Chinese historical models.

Project supported by General Research Fund (GRF) - Beauty, Cosmetics, and the Making of the Sinophone in the Twentieth-century - by Dr. Elizabeth LaCouture

This research project explores the history of beauty and cosmetics in Chinese communities across Asia. It aims to transform how we understand the transregional and global contexts of modern Chinese history. During the twentieth-century, global markets and new technologies of photography and cinema facilitated the circulation of massproduced beauty commodities and images. Beauty and its technologies became global: American film star Jean Harlow was admired across the world, and US-based Pond’s cold cream tailored its product and advertisements to local markets in India and China. But beauty and cosmetics were also trans-regional: Chinese women in Singapore viewed photographs of movie star Ruan Lingyu in Shanghai-published magazine Ling long, and Guangzhou cosmetic companies produced face powder for Chinese women in Hong Kong and Penang. How did the global and regional circulations of beauty products and images shape the gendered subjectivities and the Chinese identities of women living across the Sinophone, from Shanghai and Hong Kong to Taibei and Jakarta? Moreover, did this female visual and material culture of beauty shape an idea of Chineseness beyond the boundaries of the nation? Through examining the history of how Chinese female identity was forged in and outside of mainland China during the twentieth-century, this project aims to contribute to understandings of Chinese identity-formation that continue to shape the Sinophone region today.

Project supported by General Research Fund (GRF) - Gendered Screens, Chinese Dreams: Women Filmmakers and the Rise of China in the Twenty-First Century - by Professor Gina Marchetti

The aim of this project is to map and analyze the ways in which women filmmakers from around the world depict gender and sexuality in China in the first two decades of the twenty-first century. While much has been written on cinema in post-Mao and post-Deng China, few scholars have looked systematically and critically at the ways in which women filmmakers have depicted the impact of these enormous economic, technological, social, political, and cultural changes on gender and sexuality in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and throughout the Chinese diaspora. This project gathers information on female filmmakers from around the world who have made fiction features, documentaries, experimental, hybrid and digital motion pictures depicting gender and sexuality in relation to China’s rise. The research plan places special emphasis on films portraying Chinese women’s lives in relation to issues of particular importance to feminist scholarship, including, for example, reproduction, romance, family relations, gender roles, generational differences, body image, sex work, labor migration, career options, minority women, media access, suffrage and political rights.

New Issue TOC: Screen Bodies (Vol. 2, Issue 2)

The second issue of Screen Bodies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Experience, Perception, and Display Volume 2 has now published!
Please visit the Berghahn website for more information about the journal: www.berghahnjournals.com/screen-bodies

Request for signatures -The threat to close the MA program in gender studies in Hungary

Dear friends and colleagues,
Could you please forward this request for signatures to any Gender studies program directors in your faculties? Please get in touch with David Paternotte David.Paternotte@ulb.ac.be directly if you want to join their initiative and sign the letter:

Dear Minister of Education,

We have been notified about the Hungarian government’s proposed law to abolish the accredited MA program in gender studies in Hungary. According to The Hungarian Journal, “the part of the amendment which concerns gender studies provides no explanation whatsoever. Two universities are concerned: Hungary’s biggest state-funded university ELTE, and the Central European University. If the amendment becomes official, it will mean that nobody can attend gender studies courses in Hungary and get a degree in the subject.”

As directors and professors of gender studies masters and study programmes in various European states and worldwide, we would like to express our deep concern and protest this proposal. We also want to show our solidarity with our Hungarian colleagues. Gender studies are well established as a scientific discipline and Hungary enjoys an excellent reputation in the field. This discipline, which is taught in the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the world, has significantly contributed to the advancement of science and the improvement of society. Perspectives from gender studies on questions of human wellbeing, equality, identity, difference, and diversity today are also recognized within many other scientific disciplines, from medicine, law, political sciences, economics, sociology to cultural, literary studies and history. Furthermore, gender studies embraces a plurality of theoretical perspectives and methodologies that cannot be reduced to one single framework or paradigm. Therefore, research, studies and graduates with the skills and expertise to tackle both global, but also specific local challenges relating to societal progress, rights and dignity remain important for future generations. This field is both intellectually and politically crucial, across Europe and within Hungary.

This measure also sets a dangerous precedent for state intervention in all other university courses. By denying to faculty and administrators the academic freedom that is the guarantee of the autonomy of higher education, the Hungarian government puts itself outside the community of democratic nations.

We call therefore upon the Minister of Education to refuse this amendment. We also call upon the European Union, of which Hungary is a member nation, to condemn this action as a violation of its principles. And we call upon academic institutions in our own countries to join our protest.

Best regards

NAME, Institution, Name of the Master, country
Chia Longman (Universiteit Gent), Master Gender & Diversity, Flanders, Belgium
David Paternotte (Université libre de Bruxelles), Master de specialisation en études de genre, Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Belgium

From ‘Aggressive Masculinity’ to 'Rape Culture’: An Educational Philosophy and Theory Gender and Sexualities Reader, Volume V

Edited by Liz Jackson and Michael A. Peters

The collection of texts focuses on a wide range of topics, including nature versus nurture and the debate over whether gender and sex roles are natural or based upon culture and socialisation, gender and sexual binaries, and how power is organised and circulates within educational spaces (including possibly online spaces) with regard to enabling or disrupting sexually oppressive or violently gendered social conditions.

Diversity & Inclusion Seminar - Women's Festival

Dr. Brenda Rodriguez Alegre 將於本環節探討這類被忽視的女性,近年來如何引起大眾對於性別議題的關注,以及如何在充滿壓迫的社會中重奪一席之地,並將會討論「多元交織性(intersectionality)」為何應該是社會邁向大愛大同的發展方向。活動詳情: http://bit.ly/2Lt5AYi

Sep 2, 2018. 2pm-3:30pm.
Screening Room @ Eaton Workshop

CGED Member Awarded Faculty Knowledge Exchange 2018

Dr Chong Li (German Programme, SMLC, and a member of CGED) has been selected for the Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Award of Faculty of Arts 2018 in respect of her outstanding KE accomplishments. Dr Chong plans to utilize her KE award to initiate and support projects and events that will raise awareness of the value of diversity, gender equality and foreign language and culture within the general public, and to fulfill the Faculty KE Award's objective, providing funding to benefit the community.

edX Global Forum, Nov 15-16, 2018

This annual summit provides an opportunity for edX partners to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and design the future of education together. Attendees can expect provocative plenaries, informative breakout sessions, small group meetings, dynamic networking opportunities, and exciting evening events.

For more info and to register, please go to https://globalforum.edx.org/?utm_source=Global+Forum+2018+-+Target+Unregistered&utm_campaign=3e10450528-partnernewsletter-20170522_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4f42a5ad3e-3e10450528-152552297&mc_cid=3e10450528&mc_eid=e51eac91fa

And Tango Makes Three among 10 children’s books with LGBT themes taken off the shelves in public libraries by Hong Kong government

Reported on June 20, 2018, in South China Morning Post, ten children’s books featuring same-sex parents and other LGBT themes have been hidden away from public view at Hong Kong’s libraries after months of pressure from an anti-gay-rights group.

For more details, go to: https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/community/article/2151705/and-tango-makes-three-among-10-childrens-books-same-sex

Women, Gender and Research - Chinese-Nordic Perspectives

English edition: https://tidsskrift.dk/KKF/issue/view/3879/showToc
Chinese edition: Shanghai Publishing  Company 女性、性别与研究:中国与北欧视角, 上海三联书店 2018.

Faculty of Science Newsletter (April 2018)

The 25th issue of our Faculty Newsletter Science@HKU is now out. It is available at http://www.scifac.hku.hk/file/newsletter/4106/Newsletter_Apr_2018.pdf

Training for Equal Opportunity Advisors in March 2018

The role of an Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA) is to act as the first contact point in a department to give advice on equal opportunity issues. Regular training sessions are held to update our EOAs on relevant topics and latest development every year. Two training sessions were held on March 5 and 7, 2018. Ms Cynthia Lam, Senior Training Officer of the Equal Opportunities Commission delivered the training on “Managing Sexual Harassment in Campus”. In addition to approaching the EOAs in your department, you are also welcome to contact the Equal Opportunity Unit directly if you have any questions or concerns relating to equal opportunity issues.

Study on workplace sexual harassment published

Latest study published by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) showed that majority of the female workers in the service industry were aware of "sexual harassment" but were unable to give a clear definition. Moreover, most of the the respondents who experienced workplace sexual harassment did not take any action. Findings also revealed a lack of policies and effective complaint system regarding workplace sexual harassment.

Full report: http://www.eoc.org.hk/eoc/upload/ResearchReport/20180302ENG.pdf

New Journal Issue: Toronto, April 3, 2018 Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary e-Journal

We are delighted to announce the electronic publication of the new issue of Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary e-Journal. The journal can be accessed at http://www.womeninjudaism.org

Founded in 1997, the journal is the first multidisciplinary-refereed e-journal solely dedicated to gender-related issues in Judaism.

#TimesUp and #MeToo

This week's In Media Res theme focus is #TimesUp and #MeToo (3/19/18-3/23/18)

Monday, March 12, 2018 – Kate Fortmueller (University of Georgia) presents: Dear Sisters…

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 – Rebecca Mercado Jones (Oakland University) presents: #MeToo, #TimesUp and the Failures of Feminism

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 – Rebecca Leung (Ramapo College of New Jersey) & Robert E. Williams (New York Post) presents: #MeTooK12

Thursday, March 15, 2018 – Claudia Ferreira & Nikki Soo (Royal Holloway University of London) presents: Beyond Celebcovates

Friday, March 16, 2018 – Tanya D. Zuk (Georgia State University) presents: Production as Feminist Activism: #TimesUp and Women Lead Production in Hollywood

For more information, go to http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/imr/theme-week/2018/12/timesup-metoo

The Panel of "Gender in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing" (Mar 16, 2018) was fabulous!

EdUHK Vice President discusses gender imbalance on campus

The ratio of female to male students at EdUHK is about 8:2, the most extreme in all local universities. EdUHK Vice-President (Administration) Ms Sarah Wong Man-yee ruled out the need to set a 5:5 ratio and said students' passion for education should be more important than gender consideration. She said the low percentage of women in the university's senior management and professoriate staff is due to historical factors and believes the percentage would finally increase. (Wen Wei Po)

T.E.E.N. Programme 2018-19 Youth Mentors Recruitment

Launched in 2010, the Programme is youth-led and has a strong gender focus making it unique among youth empowerment programmes currently available in Hong Kong. The Programme is funded by 100 Women in Finance, with the support of CLSA, Equal Opportunities Commission and The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong. It is dedicated for 36 under-privileged boys and girls who are junior secondary school students (F.2 - F.3) and coming from deprived families. Looking back to the last eight years, the progress and achievements of the participants are encouraging and remarkable. The Youth Mentors make significant contribution to this encouraging result. For more details go to –  https://twfhk.org/teen-programme

Intersectionality and Well-Being
Diversity & Democracy, Winter 2018
Vol. 21, No. 1

As campus communities become increasingly diverse, it is crucial to build cultures in higher education that respect and support all aspects of students’ and educators’ multiple intersecting identities. This issue of Diversity & Democracy, produced in partnership with Bringing Theory to Practice and funded in part by Bringing Theory to Practice and the Endeavor Foundation, examines how higher education institutions can take an intersectional approach to fostering individual, community, and institutional well-being.

Where Freedom Starts: Sex Power Violence #MeToo

A free Verso ebook collection: featuring Tithi Bhattacharya, Melissa Gira Grant, Larissa Pham, Terrion L. Williamson, and lots more. In this collection of new and previously published writings, leading activists, feminists, scholars, and writers describe the shape of the problem, chart the forms refusal has taken, and outline possible solutions.

For more details, go to https://www.versobooks.com/blogs/3635-where-freedom-starts-sex-power-violence-metoo?utm_source=Master+List&utm_campaign=413c92db78-UK+Direct+-+Radical+Thinkers+sale+2018&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1f96ba5fab-413c92db78-410746605&mc_cid=413c92db78&mc_eid=ed90c25c55

HKU launches family-friendly measures to help women advance their careers

VP (ASR) Professor Terry Au Kit-fong revealed that the university has launched and planned to introduce a series of family-friendly measures to improve gender equality and diversity on campus so that women would have more opportunities to career advancement. Currently, the higher the rank goes in the university, the lower the percentage of women. The percentage of women in dean-level positions have increased from less than 10% to 20% from four years ago given numerous initiatives. Professor Au has also come up with about 20 measures to further improve the situation. About 10 have been implemented so far. They include: contract extension of one additional year for each child born, flexible work hours, extra annual leave for those who need to take care of their sick parents. The university has also hired a consultant company to offer leadership training to female staff. (Wen Wei Po)

He For She: Sciences Po Commits to Taking Action for Gender Equality

Sciences Po, an active member of the UN HeForShe movement, is working towards three HeForShe commitments for 2020. For more details, go to http://www.sciencespo.fr/students/en/living/gender-equality

BaptistU to Introduce Sexual Harassment Redress Scheme for Athletes

The BaptistU Department of Physical Education and the Hong Kong Coaching Committee will hold a seminar “Protect Young Athletes Against Sexual Harassment” on February 1 with an aim to increase the awareness of practitioners in the sport and education sectors about sexual harassment and ways to prevent it. The department will also provide clear guidelines on sexual harassment prevention and establish a redress system to handle complaints from athletes. The university plans to undergo integrity check when hiring teachers or coaches.  (Press release: http://hkbuenews.hkbu.edu.hk/?t=press_release_details/2215)

Screen Bodies

The articles in this issue of Screen Bodies range from women beauty vloggers’ practices of self-definition as a means of challenging mainstream conceptions of art, makeup, and femininity to an analysis of various twentieth-century figural appropriations of shock therapy in the realm of artistic theory and practice. This issue concludes with a report and reviews.

For more information about the journal, go to: www.berghahnjournals.com/screen-bodies

What is a 'Chinese woman artist'?

In WAGIC’s very first podcast, hosts Tessa Qiu and Yuan Ren are joined by researchers Dr Monica Merlin (Birmingham School of Art), Luise Guest (White Rabbit Collection), Christina Yuen Zi Chung (University of Washington) and artist Yi Dai to respond to the questions: What is a 'Chinese woman artist'? And is there such a thing as 'Chinese women’s art'?

Details are at https://www.wagic.org/podcast

Women's visibility in academic seminars: women ask fewer questions than men

A recent article from Physics and Society observes that women ask fewer questions at seminars, but that if a woman is called on to ask the first question, female participation increases.  Additionally, allowing more time for questions​, increases female participation. The authors argue that addressing the gender balance in seminar participation can help with retention and promotion of female faculty.

Read the article at​ https://arxiv.org/abs/1711.10985

The Coordinating Council for Women in History (CCWH): Seeking Projects to Promote on Twitter

The Coordinating Council for Women in History (CCWH) is seeking scholarly history projects to promote on their Twitter page, @TheCCWH. The CCWH is an organization dedicated to promoting the work of women, female, bigender, trans-femme, and two-spirit scholars of history, as well as scholarly work related to women's and gender history. If you have an exciting project, archive, DH initiative, institute, conference, CFP, or grant/award opportunity that you would like us to share on Twitter, please email Alexi Garrett at asg4c@virginia.edu.

TWF Cambridge Scholarship Scheme

Since 2013, The Women's Foundation scholarship has supported one local Hong Kong graduate student to pursue the MPhil in Gender Studies at Cambridge every year. The one-year MPhil in Gender Studies is multidisciplinary in its make-up, involving over 23 departments within the university and an international network of gender scholars. For more information, go to https://www.gender.cam.ac.uk/mphil/twf

Resources: Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film

The Center generates a number of large annual studies documenting women’s representation and portrayals, as well as substantial investigations of the business environment surrounding women in film and television.

For details of their reports, go to http://womenintvfilm.sdsu.edu/research/

Anti-Sexual Harassment Resources -Say “No” to Sexual Harassment

Everyone – whether a student or an employee – is protected from unlawful sexual harassment acts under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (SDO). This webpage provides information and resources for all members of the Hong Kong community on sexual harassment, to help them gain better understanding of such unlawful behaviour and the legal protection available, and encourage them to take necessary precautionary measures.


Tani E. Barlow Papers Available for Research

The Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women and the John Hay Library at Brown University are proud to announce the opening of the Tani E. Barlow papers. This collection was processed as part of the Feminist Theory Archive, established in 2003, which documents the work of influential feminist theorists and scholars of difference who examine sex and gender at the center of theoretical study.