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Call for Papers

Critical Feminist Exits, Re-Routings, and Institutional Betrayals in Academia

A Special Issue of Feminist Formations

We invite manuscripts that map out and examine scholars’ movements within, across, and out of academic institutions. Of interest also are analyses of how administrators and academic institutions initiate, negotiate, and/or respond to moves and exits by critical scholars. Details are at https://feministformations.submittable.com/submit/e9ed37c9-d215-4c21-9082-628fae22d7bb/feminist-formations-special-issue-critical-feminist-exits-re-routings-and-ins

Manuscripts must be submitted by February 15, 2018.

Post Weinstein: Gendered Power and Harassment in the Media Industries

This issue of Commentary and Criticism invites essays that scrutinize the predatory cultures of toxic masculinity at work globally in the film and media industries in relation to, and in the wake of, the Weinstein exposé across three main areas. We are particularly interested in submissions from beyond North America and the UK.

Please submit contributions by 2 January 2018, via email to both Shelley Cobb (s.cobb@soton.ac.uk) and Tanya Horeck at (tanya.horeck@anglia.ac.uk). Please be sure to follow the Feminist Media Studies style guide, which can be found at the following link: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/journal.asp?issn=1468-0777&linktype=44


2018 Annual Conference, Courtauld Institute of Art & King’s College London,  5 – 7 April 2018

Session: #LeaderImage – Exploring, analysing and challenging attitudes towards gender and leadership in images of politicians in the digital age



Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium, December 4-6, 2017, Somerville College, Oxford, UK

Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium now invites participants to present papers on any aspect of Women’s Studies. The abstract submission deadline is 14 November, 2017 (Tuesday).