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BA Programme YEARS 2 & 3

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- 1st Year prerequisites
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  Direct Entry Year 2 Students

Since the BA Regulations are written on the basis of a normative study period of 3 years, the requirements of the curriculum (in terms of credits and/or courses) and the term “maximum curriculum study load” are not specified for students who are expected to complete their BA degree in 2 years. Please find the information below.

maximum curriculum study load
[BA Regulation A8(c)]
144 credits for a normative study period of 2 years
graduation requirements
[BA Regulations A9, A11]

  1. Courses under UG5 consist of 3 First Year courses and 2 Second Year courses::
    First Year courses:
    • CAES1201. “Academic English for Arts Students” (3 credits)
    • 2 Common Core courses (6 credits each)

    Second Year courses:

    • CAES2202. “Professional English for Arts Students” (3 credits)
    • CART2001. “Practical Chinese language course for Arts students” (3 credits)

  2. Since the credits gained by completing the First Year courses of UG5 (15 credits) are calculated in addition to the 120 credits of Second/Third Year courses, Direct Entry Year 2 students are required to complete a total of 135 credits to fulfill the graduation requirements.

  3. If a Direct Entry Year 2 student is required to complete the First Year pre-requisite course of the major as on the admission offer, e.g. one is admitted to the History major and required to complete the course HIST1018 (6 credits), he/she needs to complete 141 credits (135 + 6) within 2 years. Since a Direct Entry Year 2 student can only take 144 credits during his/her BA studies (the maximum curriculum study load), he/she will not be able to take the First Year pre-requisite course (6 credits) of another intended major/minor. Unless the student in question is exempted from taking the First-year pre-requisite of the intended major/minor, he/she will graduate with a single major only.

In case you have any further enquiries, please email to the Arts Faculty Office (  

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