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BA Curriculum (3 year)
+ Year 1 (60 credits)
- 1st Year prerequisites
+ Years 2 & 3 (120 credits)
- Majors/Minors
+ Direct Entry
Year 2
Academic Advising
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Before course selection, students are advised to read carefully the University Regulations for First Degree Curricula regarding "Requirements for Graduation (UG5)", the BA Regulations and Syllabuses, and other information listed on this website.

You are advised to read the "timeline for degree completion" and "a checklist for degree audit".

BA Curriculum (180 credits)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme consists of a total of 180 credits over a normative period of three years of study. At the beginning of the second year of studies, students will declare an Arts major, which will take up about 45% of their work in the second and third years. In addition, students can elect to pursue a second (Arts/ non-Arts) major OR up to two (Arts or non-Arts) minors. For information regarding Arts majors and minors and their first-year pre-requisite(s), please refer to

The BA curriculum structure is outlined as follows:


Requirements Credits
Arts Distribution Requirement
(either 6 credits each from three different programmes or 12 from one programme and 6 from another programme)
The 18 credits of Arts Distribution Requirement can be counted as pre-requisite(s) of your Arts major(s)/ minor(s) to be declared in Year 2.
2 Common Core courses from different Areas of Inquiry (AoI) 12
Academic English for Arts Students 3
Remaining courses 27

  • For students admitted in 2012-13 and 2013-14, they may take the remaining credits in Arts or non-Arts courses to make up 60 credits in Year 1.
  • For students admitted in 2011-12 or before, they should not take more than 30 credits from any one Arts programme in Year 1.
(II) YEARS 2 & 3 (120 CREDITS)

Requirements Credits
Professional English for Arts Students 3
Chinese Language Enhancement 3
Arts major normally 54
Remaining courses to make up 120 credits 60

  • Students may take the remaining credits of Year 2 or 3 in Arts/ non-Arts courses.
  • Not all Arts courses can be counted towards the 120 credits required for Years 2 and 3. Arts courses at level 2000 or above completed in Year 2 or 3 can be counted towards the 120 credits required for Years 2 and 3, while Arts courses at level 1000 cannot. Therefore, if a student takes a level 1000 Arts course (6 credits) in Year 2, those 6 credits will only be counted towards additional credits of Year 1, but not towards credits of Years 2 and 3.
Study load: The normal study load is 30 credits in each semester and students may take up to 36 credits. The maximum number of credits to be taken in one academic year (including the summer semester) is 72 credits.

BA Regulations and Syllabuses 2013-14
BA Regulations and Syllabuses 2012-13
BA Regulations and Syllabuses for 2011-12
Degree Regulations and Syllabuses of HKU’s programmes
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