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BA Curriculum (3 year)
+ Year 1 (60 credits)
- 1st Year prerequisites
+ Years 2 & 3 (120 credits)
- Majors/Minors
+ Direct Entry
Year 2
Academic Advising
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Candidates shall be assessed for each of the courses for which they have registered, and assessment may be conducted in any combination of coursework and/or written examinations. Only satisfactorily completed courses will earn credits.

Please note that Regulation G9 (Assessment) of the University's "General Regulations" and UG8 (Grading System) of the University's "Regulations For First Degree Curricula", apply to all degree curricula, including the BA programme. Please click here for details.

Grade expectation
Click here to view the general expectation of student performance in the Arts Faculty

Honours Classification

Candidates shall not be permitted to repeat a course for which they have received a D grade or above for upgrading purposes.

Absence from Written Examination
If you have been unable, because of illness, to be present at a written examination scheduled by the Examinations Unit, you have to write to the Examinations Unit within two weeks of the absence to seek permission to sit a re-examination. If you are otherwise unable to take an examination at the scheduled date, you have to write to the Examinations Unit before the examination to apply for a special arrangement of your examination.

Failed courses are recorded on the transcript with an F grade. If you choose to repeat the failed course, the new grade obtained will be recorded in the semester in which you have retaken the course. Failed credits do not count toward the fulfillment of the credit requirement of the BA degree. Failed grades are included in the calculation of the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA), Year GPA (YGPA) and Cumulative GPA (CGPA) and will be taken into account when determining your honours classification.

Progression/discontinuation of studies

Plagiarism in assessment and examinations (PDF)
Protocol on the Handling of Plagiarism

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Procedures for Checking of Assessment Results of Taught Courses
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