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BA Programme FAQ

BA Curriculum (3 year)
+ Year 1 (60 credits)
- 1st Year prerequisites
+ Years 2 & 3 (120 credits)
- Majors/Minors
+ Direct Entry
Year 2
Academic Advising
  Useful forms
Study load and length of study [ show all | hide all ]
  1. How many credits should I take in each semester/academic year and can I take fewer or more?
  2. If I have completed more than 60 credits in the first year of study, can I take fewer in the second/third year of study as long as I will be able to complete a total of 180 credits upon graduation?
  3. If I need to take fewer than 30 credits in the Sixth Semester of study in order to graduate, can I pay my composition fee on a pro rata basis per credit?
Course selection [ show all | hide all ]
  1. How do I make my course selections and when do I enroll in courses?
  2. Can I change my course selections after the add/drop period?
  3. What are the "UG5" requirements? When should I complete the various requirements?
  4. Can I take a first-year course, e.g. a first-year prerequisite for a major or minor, in my second/third year of study?
  5. What will be the year weighting of first-year courses taken in the second/third year in the calculation of my honours classification?
  6. Can I apply to take a second/third-year course in my first year of study? *
Major(s)/Minor(s) [ show all | hide all ]
  1. When and how should I declare my major(s)/minor(s)? *
  2. Can I change my major(s)/minor(s) after the Third or subsequent Semesters? *
  3. Can I use the same course taken to fulfill the requirements of more than one major or minor (i.e. double-counting the same course for fulfilling the requirements of more than one major or minor)?
  4. How do I know if I have fulfilled all the requirements of a major/minor?
  5. Will my Degree Certificate show my major(s)/minor(s)?
Credit transfer and exchange studies [ show all | hide all ]
  1. Is it possible to count credits which I have earned in my earlier studies toward the fulfillment of the credit requirements of the BA curriculum?
  2. If I go on exchange studies in the Second Semester but I am taking a full-year course in the current academic year, what shall I do?
  3. What are the application procedures and the documents required for credit transfer from exchange studies?
  4. Is it necessary for me to transfer all the credits I have completed on exchange studies to the BA study?
  5. Will the courses approved for credit transfer affect my GPAs and Honours Classification?
Assessment and grading system [ show all | hide all ]
  1. How are Arts courses assessed and what is the Faculty’s grading system?
  2. What do I have to do if I have failed in a course?
  3. How are failed credits counted in my academic record?
  4. What are the differences between SGPA, YGPA and CGPA?
  5. How will the honours classification be determined upon my graduation? *
  6. What happens if I cannot meet the progression requirements under BA Regulation A15 ?
  7. What is plagiarism and what happens if I am found to have committed plagiarism?
Application for leave of absence [ show all | hide all ]
  1. When and how do I have to apply for leave of absence?
  2. What shall I do if I am unable to take a written examination because of illness?
  3. What shall I do if I am unable to take a written examination on the scheduled date?
* Revised

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